HD House was founded in 2008, when we became the first Camera Rental House to offer the RED Digital Cinema camera in Florida.  Since then, we’ve seen Digital Cinema technology take the Film and Television world in exciting new directions, and we’ve been at the forefront of this revolution in Miami, connecting our clients to state-of-the-art equipment, technical know-how, and skilled technicians for productions of all sizes and budgets.


HD House is a full-service Digital Cinema Rental House and Technical Services provider:  we provide equipment rentals, below-the-line crewing, gear transportation, technical consulting services, ENG services, internet streaming solutions, and out-of-state equipment shipping.  We currently have the largest inventory of Cinema Lenses in Florida and an ever-growing inventory of Full Frame Cameras and Optics.  Everything listed in the Equipment Catalogue on our website is actually available in our facility, on the shelf.  We have a spacious and comfortable facility for Equipment Preps, and we are always ready with backup cameras and equipment, should there be unforeseen technical problems in the field.


Our goal is to make the task of Equipment Sourcing a stress-free, error-free, and fun process for Producers and their Directors and DP’s.  As your technical support system, we are committed to your success.


We look forward to working with you on your next production!


-the HD House team

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We rent to Latin America!  //  Rentamos a America Latina!


Available Now - New Gear

Offering Something Special

65-300mm T2.8
 ( 110.5-510mm with
ARRI 1.7X Extender )


Designed to match the look and feel of ARRI's Signature Prime range, the LPL-mount 65-300mm T2.8 Signature Zoom with 1.7x Extender produces attractive, organic images while covering sensor sizes ranging from Super35 to full-frame, large-format. This lens includes ARRI's 1.7x Extender which gives you a 110.5-510mm range when attached. The 65-300mm zoom features controlled flaring for HDR compatibility and lower contrast ratios for opening up shadowed areas. It also maintains its T2.8 maximum aperture across its entire focal length range, negating the need for ramping while zooming.

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Be Prepared...



A Full Frame version of the famous Cooke Speed Panchro lenses: the vintage look with modern opto-mechanical design.

Colour balanced and colour matched - ensuring consistency across the series.

Tough, reliable, easy to maintain and easy to use, built for the most demanding environments.

/i Technology records key lens data for every shot, removing uncertainty from set-to-post information.


** 2022

Faster, Lighter, Smarter, 



With a maximum aperture of T1.4 across the majority of the focal length range, the new S8/i FF lenses are amongst the very fastest produced for larger than Full Frame capture. They also offer greater control over depth of field and flare characteristics, whilst still providing excellent low light performance.



Compact and light, agile and easy to handle, the new S8/i FF lenses have been created for a wide variety of situations and today’s compact digital cinema cameras. Being lighter however, has not compromised strength, durability, or their exceptional image aesthetic.



Designed from the ground up to incorporate our very latest intelligent /i technology, which includes: /i data focus and iris position, /i motion inertial data and /i maps factory calibrated shading and distortion data. They also benefit from a high degree of modularity, which increases reliability and reduces servicing time.

Blackwing Tribe7
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** 2022

“As TRIBE 7 was just beginning, Bradford Young and Neil Fanthom asked us if we had the capabilities and desire to create a completely customizable PRIME CINE lens design. The concept involved creating a core set of 7 lenses, to which another 3 focal lengths could be added at a later date. These lenses needed a new approach and a fully modular design with optical properties that are tunable or de-tunable to create look variations.

“The IB/E optical design team, led by Uwe Eckerl, had to find a way to interpret Bradford’s artistic and Neil’s technical requirements into a kind of lens source code that could be used with our optical calculation software.  This in turn allowed a unique, scalable design to be created for the TRIBE 7 optics.

Uwe said, ‘For Tribe 7, I had to start with an aesthetic and find the algorithms to express that vision. . We knew that TRIBE7 wanted to blend old designs with new processes, to create a new breed of lenses. We also realized  that we had to be quick to deliver these designs to cinematographers as they were creatively exploring the new Full Frame / Large Format / VV cameras.

Premista 28-100mm

Fujinon Premista 28-100mm T2.9 Features

  • Stunning optical quality and low distortion from the center to the corner

  • It allows the capture of both the feeling and texture of the subjects

  • Delivers clean and sharp imagery with minimum color aberrations regardless of zoom position or distance from subjects

  • Unwanted flare and ghosts are well suppressed and it performs well with the high dynamic range of a large format sensor

  • The color is natural and matched with Fujifilm's current cine lens lineup to simplify color grading

  • The lens barrel combines high durability even in harsh conditions for professional use and a lightweight body

  • Covering 28mm to 100mm and achieving T2.9 across the entire focal length

  • Pleasant bokeh effect with 13 iris blades

  • The focus ring features a rotation of a full 280 degrees to facilitate precise focusing

  • Features a Flange Focal Distance adjustment function with a hex set screw

  • Compatible with the "ZEISS eXtended Data" system

Cooke Panchro FF
Cooke S8/i Full Frame

** 2022


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