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Rent a Red Gemini, Helium, or Monstro Cinematographer's Dream

Most filmmakers have at least dreamed of being able to use a Red camera on their productions. Unfortunately, the price range of these high-performance Red Gemini Helium Monstro cameras is pretty much beyond most everyone's reach. The good news is that you can rent Red Gemini Helium Monstro cameras and make your dream of using a cinematographic industry-standard come true. Regardless of which of the Red systems you choose, Gemini, Helium, or Monstro, you'll get ultra-high resolution and dynamic range with RAW capabilities.


Both the helium and Monstro offer 8K resolution and all three have incredible ISO performance, without losing dynamic range in daylight. They have no problem handling bright sunlight or backlit subjects and environments. Do you want to find out more about Red Gemini Helium Monstro cameras available to rent through HD House? Then get in touch with our friendly professionals and we'll work together to make sure that you find the perfect camera for your next production.

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