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HD House: Ultraprime 4k 6k 8k Rentals

Professional cinematic digital cameras are capable of producing images so clear that they are more true to life than anything we've ever seen. We rate a camera's ability to produce images measured in pixels. So when we say a lens is Ultraprime 4k 6k 8k we're talking about resolution, which is the number of pixels on the horizontal axis of the camera's image sensor. So for 4k resolution, there will be around 4000 pixels running along the sensor's horizontal access.


At HD House, we've provided filmmakers and photographers professional equipment and cinematic gear since 2008. As the industry continues to evolve, our mission is to provide you with Ultraprime 4k 6k 8k cameras and lens rentals and all the tools you need to remain on the cutting edge of production. Contact us and let's get started on your project.

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